To the north of the 18th Brigade, a battalion of the 17th Brigade held a line from Epinette to Prémesques and Mont des Prémesques, which was bombarded by German artillery from 2:00–8:00 a.m. and then attacked by the 24th Division of XIX Corps, which captured Prémesques and attracted most of the reserves of the 6th Division to the left flank of its front. A defensive flank was formed after the loss of the village, which was able to prolong the defence of Mont des Prémesques, which fell at 4:30 p.m. An 11th Brigade battalion from the 4th Division was sent forward for a counter-attack but this was then over-ruled by Pulteney, since with the loss of Ennetières and Prémesques a much larger attack was needed and there were insufficient troops available. After dark the 6th Division was ordered back to a shorter line from Touquet to Bois Blancs, Le Quesne, La Houssoie, Chateau d'Hancardry to ground about 400 yd (370 m) west of Epinette, the retirement on the right and centre being about 2 mi (3.2 km). The division had suffered c. 2,000 losses, 1,119 in the 18th Brigade but Kier was confident that the division could hold on, when the 19th Brigade and the French I Cavalry Corps arrived on the right flank during the day. On the 4th Division (Major-General H. F. M. Wilson) front to the north, a German bombardment by heavy artillery began on Armentières at 8:00 a.m. which led to the III Corps headquarters being moved back to Bailleul. Despite the orders from Pulteney for III Corps to dig in, the 4th Division was allowed to continue the attack towards Frélinghien, to gain better communications across the Lys and the 10th Brigade attacked at dawn. Trenches and houses on the southern fringe of the village were captured and fifty prisoners taken from the 89th Brigade of the 40th Division, XIX Corps but the attack used up the stock of high explosive ammunition and the attack was suspended. Towards the left of the division, the 12th Brigade, in front of Ploegsteert Wood (Plugstreet Wood) near Le Gheer was attacked from midday and as dark fell a determined German rush got forward to within 300–500 yd (270–460 m) of the British line and dug in. During the afternoon Pulteney had ordered the division to hold its advanced position if possible but not to retire further than the main line and during the evening, Lieutenant-General E. Allenby the Cavalry Corps commander requested support at Messines to the north, which with the news of the retirement of the 6th Division, left Wilson and the 4th Division in some apprehension about both flanks.The III Corps received orders from French to remain on the defensive along with II Corps, the Cavalry Corps and the 7th Division, while I Corps attacked; the trenches of III Corps were bombarded from the early morning of 21 October, particularly around Frélinghien. Two battalions of the 11th Brigade and two companies of the 12th Brigade were ordered north, to reinforce the Cavalry Corps at Hill 63, to occupy the north-west of Ploegsteert Wood as a northern flank guard.

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>To the north of the 18th Brigade, ~ which fell at 4:30 p.m.

>An 11th Brigade battalion ~ being about 2 mi (3.2 km).
⇒第4師団から来た第11旅団大隊が反撃のために前線へ送られたが、これはプルトニー(中将)隊に圧倒された。それというのも、エヌティエールとプレムスクの喪失によってさらに大きな攻撃が必要とされたのに、不十分な軍隊しか利用できなかったからである。暗くなった後、第6師団はトゥケからボワ・ブラン、ラ・ケーヌ、ラ・フソイエ、シャトー・ダンカルドリーまでの短い戦線に戻って、右翼隊と中央部隊の退去地まで3.2キロ(2マイル)あたりの、エピネットから西に約400ヤード(370 m)地点に駐留するよう命じられた。

>The division had suffered ~ moved back to Bailleul.
⇒第18旅団で1,119人、師団(全体)で約2,000人の損失を被ったが、キエルは、日中に第19旅団とフランス第I騎兵軍団が右側面に着いても、師団は踏みとどまることができると確信した。北の前線にある第4師団(H. F. M.ウィルソン少将)では、アルマンティエールに対するドイツ軍の重砲砲撃が午前8時に始まり、それが第III軍団本部をバイユールに移すことにつながった。

>Despite the orders from Pulteney ~ the attack was suspended.

>Towards the left of the division, ~ apprehension about both flanks.
⇒師団の左翼に向かって、ル・ゲール近くのプロエグステート・ウッド(プルグステート・ウッド)の正面にある第12旅団が正午から攻撃され、暗くなると決定的なドイツ軍の進撃が英国軍の270-460 m以内に突入してきた。プルトニーは午後のうちに、可能であれば、最先端の陣地を維持するよう、少なくとも、主要戦線を越えて退却することのないよう師団に命令した。そして、夕方に、騎兵隊軍団の司令官E. アレンビー中将がメシーヌ隊に北への支援を要請した。その隊は、第6師団の撤退の知らせを受けて、両側面のウィルソンや第4師団に幾ばくか後ろ髪を引かれつつ彼らを後にした。

>The III Corps received orders ~ a northern flank guard.

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