Many people feel so much stress at work that they hate going back on Monday morning after a weekend at home. They are fearful, anxious, and
uncertain because work gives them little job security and heavy workloads. Peter Fielding, a
Canadian psychologist, says,"There is no longer the feeling of being a long-term, valued employee.
Just look at the newspaper and you read about layoffs, strikes, shutdowns." With downsizing,
workers also have increased workloads. "We are all expected to do more with less and that's difficult,"he explains.
Workers who used to have autonomy, freedom, and control now feel powerless. They are beginning to question the value of their work.
"Professional identity is a real part of personal identity," says Nan Gardener, an unemployment counselor. "When you don't feel that you are making a significant and worthwhile contribution, it's hard to keep going." Although the work climate today is difficult, there are wars for individuals to fight the stress.
・Take back some control.
You may not be able to Control events that happen around you, but you can control your response. Ask yourself, "Where can I get some job satisfaction and job challenge? What can I do with what l've got?" Try to find something each day that provides a challenge, even if it is just a different way of doing ordinary tasks. Challenge creates excitement. It motivates and revitalizes.
・Balance work and play
After many years of education, many people are unable to find a job in
their field. Instead, they have to take any job to get a paycheck. The job
may not be suited to their capabilities. It may not present the challenge they are looking for. If this describes your job, remember you are more than your occupation. Enrich your life in other areas. Involve yourself in activities outside of Work. Gain strength from the areas in your life where things are going Well. Realize that this job may be temporary and do the best job you can. Remember, too, many people don't have a job to hate.
・Get support from colleagues
We all need support from our colleagues in the workplace. Little things mean a lot, like potluck lunches and birthday celebrations. We also don't laugh as much as we used to in the workplace, yet a sense of humor can be vital. Decide that you will laugh at whatever you can laugh at and take advantage of the mutual support of colleagues.
・Have realistic expectations
With increased workloads and cutbacks, many people are feeling they can't do their best work. Keep your work in perspective. Look at the big picture and establish reasonable objectives. Prioritize and make lists. Do what you can each day, and recognize each accomplishment. Look at what you can achieve, not at what you can't.

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