Kind Attn Mr.Taku

As per our phone conversation with Mr.Oshiro of this morning, we have concluded the fact that "Hachiyo" is not in a position to perform to purchase PET RESINS as was planned.Definitely it is a great disappointment to us and we are in a dillema now as how to pass on this disturbing news to our supplier"INDO RAMA"

We had highly recommended Hachiyo to our supplier due to our good long term relationship with Mr.Oshiro without any doubts and any due diligence on Hachiyo. After all the long wait we are now told that transaction has to be aborted. We vouched for "Hayicho". We yet fail to understand why all of a sudden this transaction has to be aborted when we were informed a day earlier that the lab result was positive and that we were proceeding.

Honestly, to an extent we feel that our simplicity and trust has been breached by "Hachiyo"with no real explanation from them for their drastic actions to abort transaction.

Yes ,we treated this whole matter in a gentlemens way and agreeing verbally on the whole matter. Hence this was a Gentleman's agreement. Otherwise if this was a different party without being introduced by Mr.Oshiro, we would have signed an agreement in the beginnng. In normal practice an agreement would have been signed with a clause of non performance penalty for the value of 2% based on the annual contract value. In this we are refering to 100mt per month as verbally agreed with a trial purchase of 21 mt. We would have also asked for a Bank Comfort Letter but also did not ask for that. However since this was a Gentleman's agreement and as per our teleconversation with Mr.Oshiro this morning, we would like Mr.So to suggest how he would like to settle the penalty on a gentleman's basis due to this situation.

Please also note, the supplier had also committed to allocate these quantities for Hachiyo and supply on this basis accordingly. This was also on a verbal basis because of our relationship with them.We are very concerned now as how to explain this bombshell news.

The other concern of ours is ,we are gong to face ,that our supplier might not entertain any other buyers of ours as our first trial run for the Japanese market turned out to be a disaster.The damages is one thing but more so our long years credit wth them is now at level zero.

With all due respect Mr So,we feel that "Hachiyo" should also should give us a written explanation to this subject matter ( As to why they had to abort the transaction )

Kindly reply urgently as we have to answer to Mr.Ben and also our supplier as soon as possible.


Tarlok Singh Narula // Goldy Singh Narula

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拝啓Mr. Taku

今朝のMr.Oshiroによる我々の電話での会話に従って、我々は、「Hachiyo」が、計画されたように、PET RESINSの購入を行う立場にないという結論に至りました。確かに、それは我々にとっての大きな失望の種です、また、この不穏なニュースをサプライアー「INDO RAMA」に伝える方法に関して、我々は現在ジレンマにあります。







私たちはできるだけ早くMr. Benとサプライアーにも対応しなければならないので、緊急にご返答下さいますようお願いいたします。


Tarlok Singh Narula // Goldy Singh Narula

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